The Inspiring Youth Theatre Charitable Trust and Nelson Hospice will be the organisers for the event with strong support and back-up from a great team of volunteers keen to make this a night to remember!

The Inspiring Youth Theatre Charitable Trust is registered with the Charities Commission, Registration Number CC54380 (details are publicly available on the Charities Register ) As such it is subject to all the auditing processes required of a Charitable Trust. It also has Tax Exempt Donee status confirmed through Inland Revenue.

Our 8 local celebrity dancers confirmed for the event are:

Rachel Reese (Mayor of Nelson)
Pic Picot (Businessman-Picís Peanut Butter)
Rachel Boyack (Community leader and recent Labour candidate for Nelson)
Ros Pochin (Breast surgeon, Nelson)
Paul Hampton (Victory Boxing)
Matt Bouterey (Restauranteur)
Matt Lawrey
(Nelson City Councillor and recent Green Party candidate for Nelson)
Richard Carruthers (Founder of the Nelson Youth Theatre Company and Local Osteopath)

The professional judges include Samantha Hitchcock, Peta Spooner and Laura Irish, and the MC for the show has been confirmed as Nelson personality Murray Leaning.

What are we asking from you?
We would love you to be involved with the event by being a table sponsor. Up to 40 tables will be spaced around the central dance floor in the Trafalgar Centre, each with 8 - 10 seats close to the dance floor, making this an ideal place for your guests to watch the action while your company is very visible to the entire audience.

What next?
If you would like to commit to this, we ask that you confirm in writing to us as soon as possible at the following  Once confirmed, we will follow up with you to gather the advertising and information we need to ensure you have the best available seats and visibility at the event. We also require the sponsorship amount to be paid in full in advance to secure your table.

We look forward to having you on board
The Inspiring Youth Theatre Charitable Trust, which provides back-up and support to the Nelson Youth Theatre, is organising and developing this event as a major community fundraising event in co-operation with Nelson Hospice. This concept has been used throughout the world as a successful fundraiser.  In New Zealand, we know of several organisations who have held such events, raising funds between $40,000-$150,000.