Matt Bouterey is known to most around Nelson as the grumpy chef/owner of Urban Eatery, who gives his staff a hard time - but really he is a softy and if asked, his staff surely would agree?!

Matt is married to Tania his wife of nearly 30 years (18 married) and has three lovely (well sometimes lovely) teenage daughters!  Three daughters alone should make you feel sorry for him!!  Tania volunteers for Hospice fortnightly working in the unit providing help to the Health Care Assistants. Hospice provides an amazing service to the local community and unfortunately does not receive enough funding and relies a lot on donations and fundraising.  This is the reason Matt decided to become part of Dancing with a cause.

Matt and Tania lived in London for 11 years where Matt worked in multiple Michelin restaurants, running a celeb restaurant - cooking for stars like David Beckham and Spice Girls (well they were popular back in his day!).  

Many a time around town in the wee hours of the morning, you may have seen Matt swaying to music thinking he has all the dance moves, but sadly he has two left feet and should provide everyone with some entertainment on the night.  

He likes to stay fit so getting in unusual positions and lifting his partner will certainly test his yoga and coordination boundaries!

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