Matt Lawrey. The highlight of Matt's dancing career to date has been performing the 'Go Greased Lightning' sequence from the movie Grease in his pyjamas with his neighbours, the Kerr kids, at regular intervals in 1978.

Since then he has lived in the artistic shadow of his younger sister Sarah who, after starting her career with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, enjoyed five years in one of the world's best contemporary dance companies, the Montreal-based La La La Human Steps.

One of life's great enthusiasts, Matt has never let his lack of coordination, rhythm or talent stop him from enjoying himself on the dance floor but he admits that, particularly during the 1990s, much of his 'dancing' equated to little more than jumping up and down on the same spot while sweating profusely and screaming the lyrics to songs by the likes of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Shihad.

The ageing process, parenting, and a dodgy back have slowed him down a bit but he's still looking forward to putting on his dancing shoes and giving it heaps for Hospice.

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