Rachel Reese.  Hospice is so important to our community that I said ‘Yes I will help’ and forgot about my lack of dancing talent and dyslexic feet.  Good luck to my dancing partner!

I’ve had dancing lessons twice in my life.  First, as a seven year old budding ballerina.  This was a short career due to lack of poise, posture and paying attention.  The second occasion was an emergency intervention four days before Richard and my wedding dance when a very kind dance instructor rescued us from complete embarrassment having discovered learning the foxtrot from You-tube was a little more challenging than we had thought. I’m not sure we mastered the Foxtrot on the day but we stepped up with confidence and lived for the moment.

Living for the moment and living life with confidence and support are at the foundation of the caring Hospice experience.  So many of your and my friends and family have been part of the Hospice family and now it's our turn to give Hospice the support it needs to continue this care

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