Richard Carruthers - Hospice performs such a wonderful service to our community, and Richard is proud to be able to represent Nelson Youth Theatre in this great fundraising event.
Richard has been a keen athlete all his life, but apart from a few basic Latin Dance moves he learned at the Boathouse long ago, has never been much of a dancer.  More used to choreographing dances in musical theatre, he hopes he can live up to his Youth Theatre familiesí high standards and expectations!
His first ballroom experience with Dancing for a Cause dance partner Sarah encouraged him enormously, and he is now looking forward to the night with a little less trepidation. He is, however, amazed at the extreme attention to detail the simple waltz entails and has found it an engaging and challenging experience to attempt to master!
Good luck and best wishes to all his fellow contestants! Whatever happens, let Hospice be the winner!

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