Ros Pochin is known to many as a local General surgeon specialising in Breast and Endocrine Surgery. She is also the wife of John-Paul Pochin , founder of Light Nelson and passionate cycling advocate.

As a cancer surgeon, Ros has regrettably seen, far too often, how invaluable the care and compassion that the hospice delivers can be; both from a professional and personal level.

Long opposed to all forms of exercise due to her intrinsic English predisposition for couch potato lifestyle, she has recently, after years of resistance, reluctantly succumbed to a kiwi healthy outlook. She bikes and is currently training for her first half marathon. 

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Although always keen on a boogie, her enthusiasm for dance far outweighs her aptitude. As a child she took ballroom and disco dance lessons.
This was almost entirely so her mother would buy her some disco" pants  akin to those worn by John Travolta  in Saturday Night Fever. She did not excel. Her 2 teenage daughters are dreading the upcoming intense embarrassment her public dancing debut will invoke. She has promised to try to practice enough they don't become social pariahs. Her daughter Megan is a member of Nelson Youth theatre and a much better dancer than Ros could ever be, even with professional coaching.